Elena Markova (LenaMarkova) is a Russian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in California. Her pop-rock music is about human-world relationships and new points of view on ordinary subjects. Whether it’s loud and heavy, or soft and calm, her music is very melodic, touching, and memorable.

Elena creates new words and catchy phrases to make people feel certain emotions through lyrics and music. Many of her songs are in Russian, and they involve idioms and emotionally-colored words which are not translatable without loosing either their meaning or emotions they carry. However those songs are sticky, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself repeating Russian words over and over again.


Hoping of making her songs fully understandable for bigger audience, Elena is currently working on English lyrics, too, and some songs are already available on Soundcloud.

Elena will be happy if her music helps emotionally wounded people to soothe their pain, to look at their live circumstances from a different perspective and embrace it, to discover a source of energy and love for achieving inner peace.